What kind of watch strap is good

Watch, this is a lot of people like, often wear watches people know that the strap is to be divided into belt and steel belt, to see the watch belt is good or steel belt is good, the general life of the strap how long?

The leather strap is definitely more durable than the metal strap. The life span of the normal Dai leather strap is 2-3 years. It is a consumable. But one thing is affirmative, as long as normal wear and careful maintenance, you can greatly improve its life, and this is the same as wearing leather shoes.

Like other things in the cortex, water is the most taboo taboo. The skin strap will harden and crisp when it is immersed in water or exposed to wet conditions for a long time. So you can’t swim with your leather strap watch. Long term sweat retting, but also make the strap mouldy. If it is a sweaty person, it is not suitable for wearing leather strap. In addition to the hot season, it is more suitable for the Dai Dai leather strap.

A good watch is an endorsement of identity and temperament. From the point of view, the leather strap is soft, gentle, and comfortable. At the same time, it also avoids the allergic reaction of some people to wear the nickel metal exudation of the stainless steel strap. By contrast, the steel chain belt wristwatch is durable, easy to maintain, relaxing, and more refreshing to wear in summer. But after a period of time, it still needs to go to the maintenance center for polishing and other maintenance treatment.

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