A watch that can be replaced by a self timer

When you go out for a group photo or a big landscape self timer, the mobile phone APP interface behind the D1 smart watch, touching the camera mode, can switch the camera and set the delay time. 10-15m barrier-free reception, remote wireless remote control, by throwing hands or by pressing any key of the watch, the phone interface has already taken a picture. It can be operated without repeatedly adjusting the angle of the phone, and can’t reach the button. It’s a good news for the filmmakers.

The D1 smart watch covers a number of functions at the same time. For example, PMPD’s personal behavior and health data service system is used to measure people’s health data and provide reference for personal health.

On the daily walk, the D1 smart watch automatically steps and passes the data to the mobile phone. In the sports interface, we can see the number of today’s steps, the daily mileage, the daily calorie consumption, the history and so on, with social sharing. In the 100 meter accuracy test, its step count and the number of steps are not far from each other, and its accuracy is very reliable. In addition, a watch can also be used to see the degree of motion completion. For the sports crowd, the outdoors, and the healthy people, the exercise step is an essential intelligent wearable function.

The other is information reminding, including caller alerts, information reminding, alarm clock reminding, when the time set in the APP generates vibration and stops the alarm clock by any key; when there is information, when there is a call, the watch vibrates, and then you can reject the electricity by pressing any key. It is indispensable to both business workers and daily activities.