D1 smart watch is your best choice

Because of the universality of circular watches, the hands of the watch revolve around the center of the circle, and the appearance of the circle is consistent with its trajectory.

D1 smart watch has two styles: black and white. The strap is made of anti-allergic silica gel. It is soft and comfortable, and can be worn in sports without any burden. In addition to the external facial value, its function can not be underestimated.

D1 smart watch, subverting the traditional smart Bracelet!

D1 smart watch contains more than ten intelligent functions such as intelligent timing, remote control taking pictures, refusing to answer calls, intelligent alarm clock, searching mobile phones and so on. From the APP of D1, it can also discover the great hidden ambitions of its delicate appearance, and D1 is more likely to be a personal data watch, by collecting data of human body’s movement and sleep, generating data reports and providing guidance for personal health. Develop and remind individual plans to facilitate personal time management and know where your time goes.

D1 smart watch’s ultra high endurance! With the development of smart watches, its endurance has always been the focus of attention of the majority of users. If a lot of smart watches are used frequently, it is basically a few days to charge. When the watch is charged, it means the function of pushing and reminding and the timing function of the watch itself is meaningless. D1 smart watch farewell to one charge a day, the usual use of ultra-long endurance for 8 months, standby for up to a year, to avoid the trouble of frequent charging.