The first sports watch for young men

For sports loving friends, a good sports watch is a must. However, such as Jiaming 235 and other products at least two thousand yuan start price, or many young people are deterred. In contrast, the AMAZFIT smart sports watch 2, launched at the end of last year, not only has 14 professional sports models, but also has a waterproof and elegant appearance of 5ATM, but only 999 yuan. So, just as the millet phone is the first mobile phone for young people, the AMAZFIT smart sports watch 2 calls it the first sport watch for young people.

AMAZFIT intelligent sports watch 2 can accurately locate, record heart rate, heat consumption and other basic data, reflect the physical state and function of the movement, thus assisting in scientific and efficient exercise. At the same time, it also supports 14 professional sports models, including running, walking, outdoor riding, indoor riding, indoor running, swimming pool swimming, oval machine, mountaineering, cross-country running, open water swimming, iron three, football, tennis and skiing.

Especially in today’s summer, swimming is the most popular sport among young people. To this, the AMAZFIT smart sports watch 2 waterproof level up to 5ATM, support swimming pool swimming and open water swimming two modes, more automatically identify the stroke, record the frequency of water, provide data support for your swimming.