Dandong manufactures Chinese Chips for domestic watches

On May 25, at the pilot plant of Liaoning Peacock Watch Co., Ltd., a foreign expert and a Chinese technician were busy with their computer. Yang Wei, the deputy general manager of the company, told reporters that they have introduced a world’s most advanced splint engraving machine from Switzerland. They are tightening up and will be put into use at the end of June this year, and the advanced technology level of the enterprises will be greatly enhanced at that time.

At present, the manufacturing industry of Dandong mechanical meter core has preliminarily realized the development level of “the most large scale, the strongest supporting capacity and the highest grade of the product.” “Let Chinese brand watches have a Chinese’core’,’National watches with the core’is our unswerving goal of struggle!” Yang Weisheng said.

Dandong used to be one of the three major watches production bases in China, and has launched “Forward”, “Evergreen”, “Peacock” and “Donglang” and “Yashi” watches brands. Dandong’s watch manufacturing industry is declining due to various reasons. Dandong is determined to make a breakthrough in the manufacturing of high-grade mechanical watches. At the same time, Dandong strengthens the support for the watch and watch enterprises, and forms a batch of watch production enterprises with clear brand development strategy, strong R & D design ability and high quality of product. It creates a batch of knowledge and brand names with independent intellectual property rights, perfect marketing channels and large market influence.