A new watch chip debuts in the second half of the year

In the past few years, Google has set up a combination of fashion and technology for its own smart watch operating system, but both fashion and technology brands seem to feel unsatisfactory and are rapidly lagging behind rivals. Qualcomm’s Xiaolong Wear 2100 chip was released in 2016. It has not been updated except for some software improvements. Not only far behind Apple Watch, even Samsung’s Tizen system is also in front of Android Wear.

Pankaj Kedia, senior head of wearable equipment at Qualcomm, said the situation would change when Qualcomm released a new generation of products by the end of this year. He said the new platform will be unveiled this autumn and the most advanced smart watch. During the end-of-year shopping holiday, there will also be a large number of hardware partners launching smart watch products to build Qualcomm’s new processor. Unfortunately, we don’t know any more details yet, but experts say it’s time to welcome the new platform.

The first thing to note is that this upgrade is totally different from what we’ve seen before, and it’s much larger than what we’ve seen before. To be honest, the early Myron 400 chips used in smart watches were only slightly improved, whereas almost all smart watches today use Myron 2100. In terms of wearable device experience, its customization is slightly higher. But even so, it still adopts outdated technology. “At 2100, we made fine adjustments in packaging, sensors and many software,” Kedia said. But when we entered the third generation of products, its original intention was to make our smart watches more beautiful. Even if we do not consider smart watches, we will integrate into our lives. It will also provide better fitness experience, sense of operation and longer endurance.