A new generation of AI children’s smart Watch

Recently, Kido has released the latest generation of AI children’s smart watch F2. It is reported that F2 uses high pass snapdragon chip to improve its performance and respond faster. It supports 4G full network, mobile / Unicom / Telecom three big operator phone cards. The screen size is 1.4 inches, with 2.5D arc glass, showy color; In addition, the Kido still uses the “small fuselage, long endurance” product strategy, 800 mA large batteries, super endurance, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.

It is worth mentioning that the F2 is directly upgraded to IP68 in the waterproofing level, reaching the highest level of protection and thus refreshing the new waterproof height of the child’s smart watch.

At present, children’s watch waterproof has become a necessary function, but most of the brand’s waterproof level remains at the IP65 level, the F2 product will be waterproof to IP68, which is the highest level of protection of consumer electronics products, the waterproof effect is equivalent to iPhone and Samsung’s flagship cell phone. Not only soak in water, wash hands, rain do not worry, even in two meters deep room temperature water static immersion 60 minutes, still can be used normally.