Google Pixel Watch release time and price

At present, the rumor about Pixel Watch’s accurate release time has not yet been disclosed. Evleaks’s first related message, including the message from his so-called “message personage”, is that Pixel Watch will be released in sync with Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl.

TechRadar expects Google to launch its new generation of flagship smartphones in October this year, because it will be just 1st anniversary from Pixel 2 and just 2nd anniversary from the initial Pixel release.

If Google decides to change the timing of the hardware conference, the new generation of flagship smartphone releases may change, and in the coming time, Google may not disclose information about the time of hosting the fall hardware conference.

WinFuture also said in a report on Google’s development of three Pixel Watch that the product has been developed to the second stage of design validation – the main purpose of which is to test whether the equipment is easy to mass production. This also indicates that the Pixel Watch design has basically been completed and will be put into operation in the coming months.

As for price, TechRadar does not have any information about the price of this smart watch. Considering that Google Pixel series products are usually high-end products, the price is also the flagship product level.