D1 smart watch is your best choice

Because of the universality of circular watches, the hands of the watch revolve around the center of the circle, and the appearance of the circle is consistent with its trajectory.

D1 smart watch has two styles: black and white. The strap is made of anti-allergic silica gel. It is soft and comfortable, and can be worn in sports without any burden. In addition to the external facial value, its function can not be underestimated.

D1 smart watch, subverting the traditional smart Bracelet!

D1 smart watch contains more than ten intelligent functions such as intelligent timing, remote control taking pictures, refusing to answer calls, intelligent alarm clock, searching mobile phones and so on. From the APP of D1, it can also discover the great hidden ambitions of its delicate appearance, and D1 is more likely to be a personal data watch, by collecting data of human body’s movement and sleep, generating data reports and providing guidance for personal health. Develop and remind individual plans to facilitate personal time management and know where your time goes.

D1 smart watch’s ultra high endurance! With the development of smart watches, its endurance has always been the focus of attention of the majority of users. If a lot of smart watches are used frequently, it is basically a few days to charge. When the watch is charged, it means the function of pushing and reminding and the timing function of the watch itself is meaningless. D1 smart watch farewell to one charge a day, the usual use of ultra-long endurance for 8 months, standby for up to a year, to avoid the trouble of frequent charging.

A watch that can be replaced by a self timer

When you go out for a group photo or a big landscape self timer, the mobile phone APP interface behind the D1 smart watch, touching the camera mode, can switch the camera and set the delay time. 10-15m barrier-free reception, remote wireless remote control, by throwing hands or by pressing any key of the watch, the phone interface has already taken a picture. It can be operated without repeatedly adjusting the angle of the phone, and can’t reach the button. It’s a good news for the filmmakers.

The D1 smart watch covers a number of functions at the same time. For example, PMPD’s personal behavior and health data service system is used to measure people’s health data and provide reference for personal health.

On the daily walk, the D1 smart watch automatically steps and passes the data to the mobile phone. In the sports interface, we can see the number of today’s steps, the daily mileage, the daily calorie consumption, the history and so on, with social sharing. In the 100 meter accuracy test, its step count and the number of steps are not far from each other, and its accuracy is very reliable. In addition, a watch can also be used to see the degree of motion completion. For the sports crowd, the outdoors, and the healthy people, the exercise step is an essential intelligent wearable function.

The other is information reminding, including caller alerts, information reminding, alarm clock reminding, when the time set in the APP generates vibration and stops the alarm clock by any key; when there is information, when there is a call, the watch vibrates, and then you can reject the electricity by pressing any key. It is indispensable to both business workers and daily activities.

What kind of watch strap is good

Watch, this is a lot of people like, often wear watches people know that the strap is to be divided into belt and steel belt, to see the watch belt is good or steel belt is good, the general life of the strap how long?

The leather strap is definitely more durable than the metal strap. The life span of the normal Dai leather strap is 2-3 years. It is a consumable. But one thing is affirmative, as long as normal wear and careful maintenance, you can greatly improve its life, and this is the same as wearing leather shoes.

Like other things in the cortex, water is the most taboo taboo. The skin strap will harden and crisp when it is immersed in water or exposed to wet conditions for a long time. So you can’t swim with your leather strap watch. Long term sweat retting, but also make the strap mouldy. If it is a sweaty person, it is not suitable for wearing leather strap. In addition to the hot season, it is more suitable for the Dai Dai leather strap.

A good watch is an endorsement of identity and temperament. From the point of view, the leather strap is soft, gentle, and comfortable. At the same time, it also avoids the allergic reaction of some people to wear the nickel metal exudation of the stainless steel strap. By contrast, the steel chain belt wristwatch is durable, easy to maintain, relaxing, and more refreshing to wear in summer. But after a period of time, it still needs to go to the maintenance center for polishing and other maintenance treatment.

The first sports watch for young men

For sports loving friends, a good sports watch is a must. However, such as Jiaming 235 and other products at least two thousand yuan start price, or many young people are deterred. In contrast, the AMAZFIT smart sports watch 2, launched at the end of last year, not only has 14 professional sports models, but also has a waterproof and elegant appearance of 5ATM, but only 999 yuan. So, just as the millet phone is the first mobile phone for young people, the AMAZFIT smart sports watch 2 calls it the first sport watch for young people.

AMAZFIT intelligent sports watch 2 can accurately locate, record heart rate, heat consumption and other basic data, reflect the physical state and function of the movement, thus assisting in scientific and efficient exercise. At the same time, it also supports 14 professional sports models, including running, walking, outdoor riding, indoor riding, indoor running, swimming pool swimming, oval machine, mountaineering, cross-country running, open water swimming, iron three, football, tennis and skiing.

Especially in today’s summer, swimming is the most popular sport among young people. To this, the AMAZFIT smart sports watch 2 waterproof level up to 5ATM, support swimming pool swimming and open water swimming two modes, more automatically identify the stroke, record the frequency of water, provide data support for your swimming.

Dandong manufactures Chinese Chips for domestic watches

On May 25, at the pilot plant of Liaoning Peacock Watch Co., Ltd., a foreign expert and a Chinese technician were busy with their computer. Yang Wei, the deputy general manager of the company, told reporters that they have introduced a world’s most advanced splint engraving machine from Switzerland. They are tightening up and will be put into use at the end of June this year, and the advanced technology level of the enterprises will be greatly enhanced at that time.

At present, the manufacturing industry of Dandong mechanical meter core has preliminarily realized the development level of “the most large scale, the strongest supporting capacity and the highest grade of the product.” “Let Chinese brand watches have a Chinese’core’,’National watches with the core’is our unswerving goal of struggle!” Yang Weisheng said.

Dandong used to be one of the three major watches production bases in China, and has launched “Forward”, “Evergreen”, “Peacock” and “Donglang” and “Yashi” watches brands. Dandong’s watch manufacturing industry is declining due to various reasons. Dandong is determined to make a breakthrough in the manufacturing of high-grade mechanical watches. At the same time, Dandong strengthens the support for the watch and watch enterprises, and forms a batch of watch production enterprises with clear brand development strategy, strong R & D design ability and high quality of product. It creates a batch of knowledge and brand names with independent intellectual property rights, perfect marketing channels and large market influence.

A new generation of AI children’s smart Watch

Recently, Kido has released the latest generation of AI children’s smart watch F2. It is reported that F2 uses high pass snapdragon chip to improve its performance and respond faster. It supports 4G full network, mobile / Unicom / Telecom three big operator phone cards. The screen size is 1.4 inches, with 2.5D arc glass, showy color; In addition, the Kido still uses the “small fuselage, long endurance” product strategy, 800 mA large batteries, super endurance, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.

It is worth mentioning that the F2 is directly upgraded to IP68 in the waterproofing level, reaching the highest level of protection and thus refreshing the new waterproof height of the child’s smart watch.

At present, children’s watch waterproof has become a necessary function, but most of the brand’s waterproof level remains at the IP65 level, the F2 product will be waterproof to IP68, which is the highest level of protection of consumer electronics products, the waterproof effect is equivalent to iPhone and Samsung’s flagship cell phone. Not only soak in water, wash hands, rain do not worry, even in two meters deep room temperature water static immersion 60 minutes, still can be used normally.

A new watch chip debuts in the second half of the year

In the past few years, Google has set up a combination of fashion and technology for its own smart watch operating system, but both fashion and technology brands seem to feel unsatisfactory and are rapidly lagging behind rivals. Qualcomm’s Xiaolong Wear 2100 chip was released in 2016. It has not been updated except for some software improvements. Not only far behind Apple Watch, even Samsung’s Tizen system is also in front of Android Wear.

Pankaj Kedia, senior head of wearable equipment at Qualcomm, said the situation would change when Qualcomm released a new generation of products by the end of this year. He said the new platform will be unveiled this autumn and the most advanced smart watch. During the end-of-year shopping holiday, there will also be a large number of hardware partners launching smart watch products to build Qualcomm’s new processor. Unfortunately, we don’t know any more details yet, but experts say it’s time to welcome the new platform.

The first thing to note is that this upgrade is totally different from what we’ve seen before, and it’s much larger than what we’ve seen before. To be honest, the early Myron 400 chips used in smart watches were only slightly improved, whereas almost all smart watches today use Myron 2100. In terms of wearable device experience, its customization is slightly higher. But even so, it still adopts outdated technology. “At 2100, we made fine adjustments in packaging, sensors and many software,” Kedia said. But when we entered the third generation of products, its original intention was to make our smart watches more beautiful. Even if we do not consider smart watches, we will integrate into our lives. It will also provide better fitness experience, sense of operation and longer endurance.

Google Pixel Watch release time and price

At present, the rumor about Pixel Watch’s accurate release time has not yet been disclosed. Evleaks’s first related message, including the message from his so-called “message personage”, is that Pixel Watch will be released in sync with Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl.

TechRadar expects Google to launch its new generation of flagship smartphones in October this year, because it will be just 1st anniversary from Pixel 2 and just 2nd anniversary from the initial Pixel release.

If Google decides to change the timing of the hardware conference, the new generation of flagship smartphone releases may change, and in the coming time, Google may not disclose information about the time of hosting the fall hardware conference.

WinFuture also said in a report on Google’s development of three Pixel Watch that the product has been developed to the second stage of design validation – the main purpose of which is to test whether the equipment is easy to mass production. This also indicates that the Pixel Watch design has basically been completed and will be put into operation in the coming months.

As for price, TechRadar does not have any information about the price of this smart watch. Considering that Google Pixel series products are usually high-end products, the price is also the flagship product level.